Nether Regions

Nether Regions
Anyone who knows me — truly knows me — knows I love riffs. That’s probably why Portland’s Nether Regions — recommended for fans of YOB, Black Sabbath, and Red Fang — were brought to my specific attention by one Grim Kim. She knows I dig riffs. And fuck my mouth with an octopus’ tentacle, does this band specialize in riffs.

If you head on over to their Bandcamp page, as I did, you will have a chance to hear the band’s new album, Into the Breach. Musically, this record is fucking heavy…the aforementioned riffs, the punishing drums, and the thick-like-roof-tar bass lines. It’s also got cosmic moments. I’d say they’re like what The Sword should’ve sounded like, but that might rub some people the wrong way. At times, they reminded me of a heavier version of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Nether Regions is a solid band and Into the Breach kicked my proverbial ass. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that I wish, maybe, the guitarist would try singing. Bassist Joe Wickstrom’s got a unique singing voice, and by unique, I mean grating. I didn’t feel like his voice totally fit in with the songs, but he does occasionally unleash, and show us the true screaming potential of his powerful pipes.

What do you think? Listen to the band and give us some feedback. I mean, perhaps I have no idea what I’m talking about…I’m sort of the worst person when it comes to reviewing records. Reviewing bands is what I’m good at. But apparently, Wickstrom was shot and stabbed…not sure when or under what circumstances, but that’s pretty bad-ass. Check the band out and tell us: Yae or nay?

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