The highly controversial Asking Alexandria
Suddenly, I don’t have too much of a problem with Tennessee.

According to the band’s publicist, the U.K. hard rockers “have blazed a trail of debauchery across North America over the course of numerous tours and their touring lifestyle is now becoming infamous, which has been heralded by many mainstream publications.” These dudes love to send around dick pics, is what it is. At least I recall remember seeing one of these guys on IsAnyoneUp.

Asking Alexandria’s reckless image has proven to be too much for the conservative venue Rockettown in Nashville, Tennessee, who deemed the band “too controversial” and banned them from playing their venue. Really? Not because they suck, but because of their wild and crazy rep?

These dudes look like you could sneeze and knock them down. These guys are as bad-ass and “controversial” as Selena Gomez. I’m more intimidated by Rebecca Black.

The press release adds that “this primarily Christian area hasn’t been this riled up since the days of the antichrist Marilyn Manson’s notorious run, but Asking Alexandria make no apologies as rock and roll is supposed to be dangerous and exciting.”

The band moved their headlining show to the Cannery Ballroom on April 12 and “welcome all the haters to come and join the party.”

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