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Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Gets Bargain Bin Status


Axl Rose
It’s been not even three years since the release of Guns N’ Roses’ last album, Chinese Democracy. The album took something like 15 years to make and millions in studio and production costs. And now, it can be yours for just under two bucks.

Best Buy, which was the exclusive U.S. retailer for the record, has relegated Chinese Democracy to the online equivalent of the “Bargain Bin,” offering a special deal on copies of the CD: you can now purchase the album for just $1.99.

I first noticed this revelation over on Blabbermouth, and I couldn’t believe it. I wonder how many millions Best Buy had to fork over to be the exclusive carrier of the album, and now…they’re selling it for not even $2. Oh, wait…I know. They paid $14 million.

You don’t believe me? Well, it’s true: Best Buy gave Axl Rose $14 million for 1.6 million CDs. So far, the album has sold just 614,000 units. Bad investment? You betcha.

Maybe they should have added some sort of clause in the album exclusivity agreement that called for Axl Rose to actually promote the album. He hasn’t. No late night appearances, no interviews. Axl gave two e-mail interviews back when the disc first came out. Rad.