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Soundgarden are reunited and it feels so good — especially knowing that the band have entered Chris Cornell’s studio in Los Angeles, where they’ve been for several weeks to start recording their first album in 15 years. So many famous rock dudes have their own studios now. Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying has his own, Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters has his own, Chris Cornell…I guess once you make some coin, it’s a wise investment to buy your own studio. Then, you can let other people use it and make some cash and save on the production of your own shit.

Cornell tells that Soundgarden are “pretty far into our record now. I don’t really know how to describe it musically, because typically with Soundgarden… every time we write a song we always take it for what it is and try to make it the most it can be. It’s very diverse, I can tell you that.”

Chris adds that, unlike the old days when the band was on a constant schedule of recording and touring, they’re working in a much more relaxed way now, which will benefit the final product.

“We went into this with the idea that we wouldn’t worry about scheduling or timing,” Cornell says. “We would worry about making a great record; that’s kind of where we’re at. It’s been a pretty fast pace, considering everything. We’ve really gotten very far very quickly, and it’s really exciting. But we’re not putting any pressure on ourselves or around the music and just want it to organically be finished without being concerned that, ‘Oh, we have to master this on this specific date.’ We’re not in a situation where we have to rush, and this is one time we’re lucky enough that we can afford to…let the album decide when it’s done.”

Adam Kaspar, who co-produced the band’s last LP, 1996’s Down On The Upside, is working with Soundgarden on the new effort.

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