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Death Ray Vision To Debut New Tunes Monday


Death Ray Vision
Tomorrow (Monday, March 28), Death Ray Vision — the new side project featuring three members of Overcast, including Brian Fair of Shadows Fall and Mike D’Antonio of Killswitch Engage — will premiere some new songs from their recently-recorded debut EP, Get Lost or Get Dead, starting at 2 p.m. EST.

According to Fair, Death Ray Vision’s sound won’t be so much metal as it will punk, incorporating “a sound based on our old school influences,” including the Cro-Mags, Integrity, Leeway, and Ringworm.

The band are book for this year’s installment of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival; previously, it was thought the band would be making it’s live debut at the fest. Not so.

The band have booked a gig at Vegas Lounge in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, for April 8 with Angel Dust opening. The band is also rolling out a bunch of live dates, including an April 22 gig at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts, with Nightbitch and another April 23 at the Church of Boston.