Six Feet Under...I mean, Chimaira
I mean, Six Feet Under basically have three dudes who play in Chimaira — or used to — playing in their band now, so why not rename the band? Perhaps they could change it to Six Feet Chimaira.

When the band launches its European tour, they’ll be bringing Chimaira‘s Rob Arnold along for the trek, as well as Chimaira guitarist Matt DeVries, who will be filling on on bass. Both dudes will round out the band, who’ve undergone a bunch of recent lineup shifts.

“Down in Tampa rehearsing with @sixfeetofficial getting ready to fill in on bass for the European tour! Stoked!,” Matt recently Tweeted.

And of course, the band’s been working on a new Six Feet Under record in recent months, with both Arnold and former Chimaira and current Daath drummer Kevin Talley; the sole remaining original member of the band is vocalist Chris Barnes while guitarist Steve Swanson joined the group three years after it first formed.

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