I guess initial reports that Belgian death metal act Aborted would start recording in January were wrong. Instead, the band will begin recording its seventh full-length record from June onwards at the infamous Hansen Studios with producer Jacob Hansen (Hatesphere, Volbeat).

The band will be tracking over 15 tracks of the most brutal and intense material they have written to date; the album will be called Global Flatline. The final record will contain 12 songs.

This year marks the ten year anniversary of Aborted’s Engineering The Dead so the band decided to re-record two tracks off the album as part of the bonus material for Global Flatline

Said frontman Sven de Caluwé: “We are thrilled to be finally recording Global Flatline and have the material out there. It is exciting in many ways, one being that this might be one of the most important records in Aborted’s career.”

You don’t say. “We really took our time in composing the most heavy and uncompromising material the band has written to date. Some of the material is faster than ever, some of the material is slower than ever, some old school and some new school, inspired by all eras of Aborted, yet still sounding unique on its own. Writing this record definitely took us back to the roots of why we started playing this kind of music in the first place, the passion and adrenaline you get from playing extreme metal.”

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