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Ella Riot Brings “Dancethink” to Pianos, March 30th

Ella Riot, formerly My Dear Disco

Cue some sweet vocals, a pop beat, and a hip vibe, and one may ask, “how can you go wrong with Ella Riot?”. So far the answer is you can’t.  With pop music going beyond the limits of dull and trite these days, and indie rock becoming a lofty ocean of hipster remixes, Ella Riot comes sweeping into the NYC scene this week as a breathe of fresh air.

Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, this upper midwest city is known for its artsy scene and college demographic, but Ella Riot represents something  a little more exciting than the singer songwriter staple common to the local Ann Arbor music scene.  Ella Riot is an interesting example of midwestern dancerock, a style that has more more melodic lyrics, and a slight ’70s vintage feel, hence  “dancethink“.  Since most of the dancerock scene is dominated by artists from New York, Baltimore, and LA, Ella Riot clearly brings their own brand of flavor to the genre, thusly birthing its very own concept. Although Ella Riot has done it’s share of “remixes” (most are pretty awesome, check out their remix of Black Eyed Peas “I Got a Feeling”. For 4 and half minutes, the Black Eyed Peas are cool again.)

Although we can’t be sure yet if dancethink will catch on, one thing is for certain, do not call Ella Riot, My Dear Disco. The band has recently changed it’s name  as to not confuse itself with established Australian outfit My Disco.  The name change is perfectly orchestrated with the release of the band’s latest effort entitled Love Child, which was released on iTunes on March 27, 2011.  Although the album is a short 5 tracks, each track is a solid 4-5 minutes of something sweet. It is virtually impossible to play Love Child, and stay in a bad mood. Tracks like “It Could Be”, and “Karma” have an interesting vintage flair in their production quality,  yet each song is crafted with an upbeat and bubbly feel. If this is the future of pop music, then even the most discerning indie ear, and coolest of the cool, will become full time converts.

If  you are in the New York City area, and want to know what dancethink and Ella Riot is all about, you can check out the show at Piano’s Wednesday, March 30th. Ella Riot plays at 10PM, right before headlining act Honey and The Greek form Berlin. Check out Ella Riot’s web page for more info on their US tour.