The cover for 'Dirge'
I’m not sure what this move says. I mean, arguably, the album will end up leaking anyway, so why not offer it to fans for free. But that’s not the most brilliant business move on Wormrot’s part..just giving away the new album they put a ton of work into — Dirge — as a free MP3.

Me? I think this is just a way for Earache to get access to hundreds if not thousands of email addresses they can use for various marketing purposes and to sell to other companies. This may have been something Wormrot was talked into, but then again…maybe they just don’t give a shit about their art.

Said the band on their decision to leak the record: “We realised (sic) that all you grinders were so excited for more Abuse with Dirge that it’s leaked, so we said ‘What the fuck, here it is’ — for you free in MP3 format to download right now. Get a T-shirt while you’re at it you fucking cheapskates! Nabey cheebai!”

Any business majors or music industry heavies who read this site who may want to comment below on why this was a good move? I’m at a total loss. It’s cool to give the album away, but from a business standpoint, what’s their to gain? Am I just a dumb-ass? Wait — don’t answer that last question. Oh yeah, here’s the link to that FREE ALBUM.

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