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Korn Release Snippet Of New Song — Hear It Here


They've given up completely
It’s all of 13 fucking seconds, and is preceded and proceeded by a whacky Jonathan Davis, Korn’s lead singer. Notice the dude uses the word “shit” three times…in just four seconds. That, alone, is impressive.

The song is called “Get Up,” and is the latest piece of Korn music since that last piece of repetitive shit they put out I don’t even know how long ago. And from the sounds of these 13 seconds, it’s going to be a real departure for Korn.

Before, I feel like Korn were actually putting a little effort into their music. They tried to make it commercially-viable, and they tried to make it mainstream. This snippet sounds like they’ve stopped trying. As though they just figured, “Fuck it — we can put anything out and still have people buy it.” Listen to the clip after the jump, and tell us what you think.

I mean, this just sounds like garbage…which wouldn’t be a departure for Korn.

Get Up by kornofficial. Uploaded with SoundCloud iPhone