Meshuggah’s Fredrik Thorendal recently spoke about his band’s new album in the May 2011 issue of Guitar World magazine, but you don’t have to get a copy of the mag to see what he said. We have his words for you right here.

This is what Freddy had to say: “We are working on a new album and have been for a long time. I’m so excited about this one. We’ve always tried to change how we write songs to keep it exciting, but on recent albums, we’ve also been moving further away from working together as a band.”

He says with the new disc, “everyone is working together. Every day that we’re in the studio, we’ll play whatever song we’re working on, record a demo version of it to analyze at home, and then come back the next day, talk about it and try to make it better.”

He added that he thinks “because of this it’s going to be our best album yet. We don’t have a title yet, but when it comes to new gear, this one is going to be special.”

And that’s what he had to say. Awesome.

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