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Philadelphia and NJ Geeks: Check Out Seventh Kingdom IGE, April 22-24

Seventh Kingdom IGE runs monthly events.
Seventh Kingdom IGE runs monthly events.

If you really want to geek out this April, consider attending the Seventh Kingdom IGE April event. Seventh Kingdom IGE is an interactive game environment based in New Jersey. IGE is a highly immserive form of LARP, or live action role-play.

Each month, Seventh Kingdom IGE players and staff converge on a campground to eat, fight and interact in character. It’s pretty much like “Dungeons & Dragons,” only you physically portray your character in all aspects.

Instead of listening to descriptions of occurrences, Seventh Kingdom IGE presents players with sounds, smells, sights and characters (including adversarial creatures). As their characters, players make choices that shape the destiny of the fictional outpost town known as Freehold.

Game locations change month to month. Camps are most often located in South Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Jersey.

The April event will occur over the weekend of April 22-24. Players should arrive with a general understanding of the rules, a weapon (and/or spell packets) and costuming. For more information, check out the Seventh Kingdom IGE website. You may pre-register there and find directions to the campsite as well.

Disclosure: The author of this post is the Seventh Kingdom IGE Marketing Director. Logo used with permission.