Vince could be in more trouble

Vince could be in more trouble
According to reports, Las Vegas Metro police are recommending that a charge of battery domestic violence be levied against Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil following an alleged confrontation he had with his ex-girlfriend at the Las Vegas Hilton a week ago.

The alleged charge stems from an incident involving Vince’s ex Alicia Jacobs, who works as a TV reporter in Sin City. She claims she has a bruise from Neil jabbing at her with his finger during a verbal spat that unfolded during a set by comedian Hal Sparks.

According to an arrest report, the singer barged into the Shimmer showroom, and shouted expletives Jacobs and her friends. He poked Jacobs and another woman, and stormed out. But Neil is adamant he never laid a finger on Alicia, claiming she was, in fact, the aggressor during the skirmish.

This is bad news for Vince. This may mean he could go back to the slammer, or at the very least, back to court to deal with additional criminal charges. Not to mention these photos surfaced during the week, making Vince look like the biggest pussy ever.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office will decide whether to file charges against Neil.

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