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Winds Of Plague’s New Disc To Feature Ultimate Warrior


The Ultimate Warrior
So, this happened a few days ago and I just sort of laughed it off as being ridiculous and not worth my time. But now I find myself facing a slow news day on a Saturday morning, and so I figured, what the fuck! It would be a good excuse to show you this amazing old school Ultimate Warrior video (which can be found after the jump), which should be good for at least a few shits and giggles this morn.

But yes, Winds of Plague’s new album Against the World will feature a guest appearance by none other than the Ultimate Warrior. Yet, I still don’t want to hear it. I just want more Alana nudes.

The Warrior will provide his voice to a spoken word track called “The Warrior Code.” Talk about the ultimate gimmick to get people to listen to your record. I’d rather listen to Gold Cobra.