This Is Hell

This Is Hell
Long Island’s own This Is Hell have been working on material for their next LP.

The follow-up to Weight of the World should be in stores later this year or early next year, according to the band.

The dudes are believed to have started writing; no word on when they may enter a recording studio to begin tracking the effort.

“We’ve got the music for seven new songs all finished,” says This Is Hell on Twitter. “Going to try and record LP number four before year’s end. I hope you like Megadeth.”

We do like Megadeth. I hope you like Megadeth, This Is Hell. I wonder what that means, anyways. Are they trying to put out a record that sounds like or was influenced by Megadeth? Does the new shit just sound like Megadeth? I have always found it’s best to just try and sound like yourselves. Always works out for the best.

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