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Update: ‘Tales from the Musicquarium’ Extended


That’s right, Ben De La Creme’s Monday night horror movie gathering has proved so popular that the Triple Door is extending it through April. The “show” as it were starts Monday nights at 8:00pm at the Triple Door’s bar area, and runs through about 11:00pm. I always recommend getting there early to grab a good seat, and perhaps a few pre-movie drinks. Best of all, just like last month, Tales from the Musicquarium is free to attend.

For anyone wondering what I’m talking about, Tales from the Musicquarium is an event at which Ben De La Creme shows one of her favorite horror movies and makes sly commentary on the side. Most of these slash fests are amusingly bad already, and Ms. La Creme only makes them better. There are also games like Horror Bingo (which I was spectacularly bad at) with sexy prizes.

Tomorrow night – Monday 4th – is starting off with Troll 2. What about Troll 1, you ask? Well, it turns out this movie isn’t a sequel at all. It was originally titled Goblins, but the producers changed the name at the last minute in the hope that people would connect it with John Carl Buechler’s cult success Troll. Make no mistake, the films are not in any way related. In fact, there are no trolls in Troll 2.

This is the perfect kind of movie for Ben De La Creme to mock. Live commentary is a tricky art, and she has mastered it with the perfect mix of irony, false enthusiasm, and dry wit. And don’t forget, Ms. La Creme is a talented burlesque performer as well. Her website has a calendar of when and where she can be seen upon the stage. At the very least, she’ll be performing in Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice and Wonderland coming up at the end of this month, and that’s a show you don’t want miss!