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Jesse Leach is back and we couldn’t be happier. We love Jesse’s column and have missed it quite a bit. We know you have too. But Jesse was on tour and he’s been working on new music…I’m not sure how he found the time to write for us, but he did and we thank him for it. Go here to see the video that inspired the title of this latest installment of Check Your Head.

I got off a great first tour with Times of Grace in March and I have had a crazy month adjusting back to “real life” as well as all that has happened in the world: Natural disasters, wars, poverty, conspiracy theories, oil spills, radiation, sickness, mass animal deaths, etc. What is going on?!

I have watched videos, read articles, talked to various people from different walks of life and often find myself in almost a numb state of mind. I find it hard to really try to grasp all that has been going on in this world. Some people claim we are in the “end times;” are we? I don’t know, but we are off to a good start. Watching videos from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan really struck a chord with me. Granted we have had disasters in many, many places, but to see that footage hours after it happened with such vast media coverage was mind blowing. All the technology and “advancements” we have made matter very little when mother nature speaks. In the present moment, things are tough all over. 

Ok…my motivation for writing this is not to again dwell on the darker, negative side of things but rather on the positive (got to keep the PMA). I tell myself everyday I have to count my blessings, focus on what is good in life and I think we all should. BUT that doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to world events. I know it is so easy to zone out and watch TV or get drunk, party and shrug it off because it is not our problem…yet. Well…it is, and it effects you now whether you realize it or not. I feel like the least we can do is be aware and make others aware. I feel like if everyone needs to recognize how good you/we/us have it, assuming you have a home, a job and eat everyday (which, if you have a computer and are reading this, chances are you do). 

So what can I do, you ask? I am glad you asked. If you have a blog, post up some current world events occasionally. Attend fundraisers, do volunteer work — write a song with the proceeds going to charity. Donate clothing and food to the less fortunate…the list goes on. Doing “selfless” things does make a huge difference in the world. It all starts with small things; look at how one spark can start a fire! 

I just get concerned for our future generations. Apathy, selfishness, violence, over the top sexuality in the youth and greed has spread and is ingrained in our mainstream society (I am certain someone reading this by now has lost interest and stopped reading, but so be it). We all have a voice in this world, especially now in this day and age of computers. Some of us have it much, much better than others, so consider doing something for someone else. Use your voice to promote awareness, compassion and community.

So what if we are in “end times” or what if World War III is swiftly coming, or a massive earthquake, nuclear disaster or whatever may or may not happen? What about now? Right now? Are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution? Don’t get me wrong people, I am no Mother Teresa; I have moments when I just want to relax and shut off the world! I also have moments when my consciousness will not let me sit idly by and not say something. That is why I do try to give back with my music, or donating to various causes. It does not take much effort; hell you can take five seconds to text and donate to various charities…YOU CAN TEXT and make a difference in someone else’s life that may need it so much more than you! That is the bright and positive side of technology.

I know we live in tough economic times; gas prices are at an all-time high, unemployment, the housing market…the list goes on. But what do you have right now? I am not talking simple material items, I am talking food, shelter, etc. When you step back and see the big picture, chances are you will realize you don’t have it so bad after all. If we are in the end times, why not rack up some good deeds. Do something selfless and make this crazy messed up world a little brighter for someone…you never know what can happen tomorrow, but keep that PMA (positive mental attitude)! 

Thanks for reading, see you on the road…
One Love and God Bless.

P.S. Watch this documentary; it is about LIberia. It is shocking and sad, but ends on a lighter note. It really makes you appreciate the life you have and the place you may live (warning, language and graphic themes! not for kids or the light hearted!)

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