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Six Feet Under Featuring Chimaira Make Live Debut


Six Feet Under featuring Chimaira
Well, this is newsworthy. But can I hear a difference between old Six Feet Under and Six Feet Under featuring Chimaira? Not really.

Not at all, actually. But hey — there’s video of Six Feet Under featuring Chimaira’s live debut at the end of this post (they do “Revenge of the Zombie,” FYI), for those interested in such happenings and goings-on.

Of course, we’ve known for a while now that Six Feet Under had a bunch of members bolt, and that Chimaira’s former drummer and current bassist and guitarist were playing live dates with Six Feet Under. I just don’t detect much of a difference. It sounds like Six Feet Under. But I guess I wasn’t expecting it to sound like anything else.

What do you think, mortals? What do you think of Six Feet Under featuring Chimaira? You should have an opinion, because Summer Slaughter will be here before you know it. But will Rob Arnold, Matt DeVries and Kevin Talley all be on hand for the trek, or just Kev?