August Burns Red

August Burns Red
I like that title. Leveler…like, this music may level buildings, it’s so fucking brutal. And to be honest, I don’t know what the new album will sound like. I just know Jason Suecof produced it, and that dude is a magician. And by that, I mean he makes magic.

He’s been really excited about the work he did on the disc, which makes me want to hear the bad boy for myself. Leveler drops June 21 through Solid State.

“Putting out a fourth record is a little scary because we obviously have our sound figured out at this point, but we don’t want to put out a record that just sounds like a redux of our previous albums,” says guitarist JB Brubaker. “Our tastes are always evolving as musicians and we’ve been motivated to progress as a band and push ABR in different directions, while maintaining the characteristics that made us the band we are in the first place.”

The band’s Web site has been updated and now ominously reads “Where do we go to escape the end of the world?” It also has a countdown clock to June 21.

Go here to sample some of the disc, and see a video of Jason being hilarious.

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