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Open Thread


I lived in Baltimore for about four years.

The city is flawed in many ways but it’s beautiful in many more ways.

American history runs through Baltimore’s veins.

The War of 1812: Stand on the point at Ft. McHenry and imagine watching British ships coming up the Bay. Imagine seeing them well before they are in range and waiting/anticipating the first cannon fire.

The Civil War: Sit on Federal Hill and imagine the Union army’s big guns pointed at downtown Baltimore. Lincoln’s warning that if Maryland even thinks of seceding … running through your head.

The Industrial Revolution: Take a bike ride up the Jones Falls River and see the mills. See the workers homes next to the mills and the owners mansions on the hills above.

Baltimore is kind of infectious is what I’m saying. I left there a huge fan of the Ravens, the Orioles and Senator Mikulski.

“They want to cut spending, but they’re unwilling to cut their own pay,” Senator Mikulski said. “If there is a government shutdown, I don’t think members of Congress should be paid. If there is a government shutdown and we tell dedicated federal employees that they’re not going to get paid, that they’re nonessential, well the fact that we couldn’t stop a shutdown shows we’re nonessential.”