Pat O'Brien
My second favorite Pat O’Brien is the one pictured in this post…the one who likes hookers and blow. My favorite Pat O’Brien is the dude who plays guitar for Cannibal Corpse and now, Slayer — as the temporary fill-in for Jeff Hanneman on the band’s current overseas tour.

Of course, Jeff Hanneman is still recovering from some flesh-eating disease that attacked his arm, rendering him unable to play his instrument. The band first recruited Exodus’ Gary Holt to fill-in and now have the might O’Brien to do their bidding.

I just wonder who is going to play with the band this summer. Will Jeff be back, or will O’Brien stick around? Or will Gary Holt be called upon once more? Or will they find another guitarist to take over? Or will they invent a guitar-playing robot who will take over…seeing as robot’s can’t develop or catch flesh-eating diseases.

It’s making my head spin, thinking of the endless possibilities. So just follow the jump, and watch a video of Pat playing “Snuff” with Slayer.

Entertainment Pat O’Brien Makes Live Debut With Slayer