Tommy and GagGag
I’m not surprised. When was the last time Tommy Lee — and Mötley Crüe, for that matter — had any integrity or standards? I can’t even remember, but it was long before the Pamela Anderson sex tape and that fucking college reality show he was on. No one should be shocked by this revelation.

Lee told the Artisan News Service he’d be down to work with Gaga, and not just because she is one of the biggest pop artists in the world and it would probably end up being a solid pay day.

“I totally get it, man,” Tommy “The Gun” Lee said. “And depending on what she’s influenced by, I can tell — because I see her rocking Mötley Crüe shirts, so she’s definitely a rocker, and she obviously, stylistically, with her music, she’s very talented; she plays crazy piano and sings her ass off.”

She sucks, dude. She panders to the lowest common denominator and is a true Madonna rip-off. She’s disgusting. She was in the right place at the right time, and is only successful because most people are brainless.

“She likes the modern dance and club shit, so she’s basically throwing it all in there, and that’s what I’m into, and that’s what I’m doing — essentially throwing it all in there, from electro to fucking metal; I like it all. There’s a girl I would love to do something with one day, man; it’d be really cool. We would probably come up with some sick shit.”

Tommy, you suck. I wonder if Tommy’s ever tasted his own wang? He could. Just a thought.

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