Jamey Jasta

Jamey Jasta
Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta has recorded a solo album that he’ll be releasing as “Jasta.” It’s being touted as a side project, but to me, the description of the offering sounds more like a solo LP.

“I just finished the Jasta album,” Jamey explained in a recent interview. “The album is basically songs I’ve written over the last two to three years that didn’t fall into any sort of set category as far as genre. I guess you could say it has elements of metal, hard rock, hardcore and punk in it, but it’s kind of a wide variety of tunes.”

Dang. I had no idea Jamey was breaking out on his own. Jamey Jasta never rests. He’s in 20 bands, and somehow still has time to work on a solo album. He must have superpowers…like the ability to stop or slow down time. How else do you explain his ability to run his own label, be in all these bands, write music, record…?

“I just had fun with it and I did some collaborations and co-wrote some stuff which was fun,” says Jasta. “Hopefully it’ll come out in June of this year!”

The disc will allegedly include guest appearances by members of Early Graves and The Funeral Pyre.

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