So, if you’re like me, you didn’t really dig that last Mastodon record. It’s OK…everything else they’ve ever done I think is pure genius and I happen to think Mastodon are an awesome band. I just think that last record proved that they’re not infallible. They’re not the King Midas’ of heavy metal, and just because it’s a Mastodon album doesn’t mean it’ll be flawless.

That said, I have mentioned in the past that I’m kind of over Mastodon, mainly because that last record was weak — let’s be fucking honest. But when they put out a new album, I’m still listening to it because it’s Mastodon, if that makes sense. Anyways, their drummer — a cool dude by the name of Brann Dailor — recently discussed Mastodon’s next album with my buddy The Horn over at Noisecreep.

“It doesn’t seem as proggy,” says Brann. “There’s moments, but it seems more riff-oriented. It seems a little more stripped down. [2004’s] Leviathan was a little more stripped down, and it feels like that to me. Everything always changes once you go in the studio, but at the moment it seems like a really super-heavy Led Zeppelin or something.”

Now, that sounds like it’ll rock. I want it to rock. I want it to blow my ass to smithereens. I need it to, really. But that last record…it was weak sauce times a dozen.

“It has a lot of that [John] Bonham-esque groove to it, but really heavy and dark,” Brann added. “I really like playing like that, and when it goes into those parts, I’m psyched.”

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