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“Sports Show with Norm MacDonald” Premieres on Comedy Central


Who is more qualified to do a mock, “Daily Show”-style sports comedy show than Norm MacDonald? No one. That’s why I couldn’t wait to watch the premiere of the “Sports Show with Norm MacDonald” on Comedy Central. If you missed it, it will be re-airing often, so check it out, but here’s the first 90-seconds to give you an idea of the hilarity of the inaugural show.

Leading up to the premiere, Norm did a few interviews promoting the show, which reminded me how incredibly funny he is without even trying. It seems completely effortless for him. In a recent interview, Norm discussed how he’s not an obsessed sports fan, saying, “I’m a huge sports fan but have no interest in minutiae. I don’t remember who won Super Bowls five years ago or listen to sports talk radio. I’m trying to make sure the jokes are self-contained so they’re accessible to everyone.” That’s great to hear. Just recently I had to remind myself who won the last Super Bowl, a game I watched every second of. Most sports fans are not obsessed, statistic-crazed freaks who know the answer to trivia questions like, “Which Yankees pitcher threw a four-hit shutout to defeat the Giants in Game 7 of the 1962 World Series” (a typical trivia question during a Yankees game on YES, the team’s TV network)? Who can answer that? Trivia questions need to be more like, “Who homered in the first inning of last night’s Yankees game?” As a Yankees fan, that’s something I may actually know the answer to (Ralph Terry threw that four-hit shutout, by the way).

Norm’s show is definitely in the “Who homered last night” realm, along with his borderline offensive genius, all of which should appeal to the average sports fan, but who knows whether or not the “Sports Show with Norm MacDonald” will stay around? If you look to recent attempts at meshing sports with comedy (see ABC’s sitcom “Sports Night,” and Comedy Central’s recent “Onion SportsDome”), the odds are not in the show’s favor. But for now, the show is scheduled to deliver one new show a week—Tuesday nights at 10:30—compared with “The Daily Show,” which airs four new shows a week. Maybe that will change if Comedy Central gives the show enough time and promotion to succeed. I hope it does; I’d hate to see it end up another fantastic “cult show” that only aired 5 episodes.

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