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Now He’s Done It! Zakk Wylde Was On “American Idol”


Zakk hits the mainstream
Zakk Wylde wants to be not only famous, but super famous. Or at the very least, mainstream. And it’s been ever since Ozzy Osbourne replaced him with a younger, sleeker model.

He’s openly sought out a spot on “Dancing With the Stars.” He did a guest appearance on “Californication.” He’s praised Lady Gaga. He’s threatened to break legs, and bones remain completely intact.

Now, Zakk’s done it. He’s hit the mainstream! Last night, Zakk appeared on “American Idol.” Kids all across America Googled “Scary guitar players” to find out who the fuck he was. It’s Zakk Wylde. See him perform with some kid names James Durbin who looks like Ethan Suplee after the jump.