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‘The Devil and Billy Markham’ at the JewelBox Theater


“The Devil walked into Linebaugh’s on a rainy Nashville night,” so begins The Devil and Billy Markham by Shel Silverstein, the tale of a son of a bitch country singer who matches wits with God, Lucifer, and everything in between. First published in Playboy, 1979, this poem is a wonderfully raunchy piece of work from an author known mainly for children’s stories.

Now Seattle is once again playing host to Jonah Weston’s stage rendition of Silverstein’s work. In cooperation with director Jamie Rea and Curious Comedy Theater, Mr. Weston is putting on a one man play of The Devil and Billy Markham that is every bit as outrageous as the original poem. The chosen venue is none other than the JewelBox Theater at Club Rendezvous.

Mr. Weston has been in theater since the age of 12 and has performed in dozens of shows here in the Northwest. He is also set to appear on TNT’s Leverage in episode five of the fourth season. When asked why he chose the JewelBox, Mr. Weston said simply, “because it’s fun.” In fact, that is his driving goal for the show, that it be fun.

The Devil and Billy Markham is beautifully written, but it is far from highbrow. It is the perfect sort of show to see with a cocktail in hand, and that is what drove Mr. Weston to create his show in the first place. He hopes that by bringing this play to the JewelBox, he can perform it for a crowd that might not attend a more formal venue. The show runs for two nights only, April 23 and 24 at 7:00pm. Tickets are available here. Be sure to get them soon, as the JewelBox is a small space that can sell out quickly.

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