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Chimaira: Alive And Well…With New Members


Since there is no new band photo...
Well, I guess Chimaira’s not over. They’re still alive and kicking, and have two dudes from Dååth in their ranks now. Fucking phat!

Chimaira staged some sort of online conference tonight with their fans, which was publicized by the label, and guess what? They discussed their many recent departures and addressed the question we’ve all been asking: What the fuck is going on with Chimaira.

They’re not breaking up (yet) and have added bassist Emil Werstler and keyboardist and samples man Sean Zatorsky. You know, from Dååth.

So, in addition to frontman Mark Hunter and guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries, they’ve added drummed Austin D’Amond from Bleed The Sky.

In August, the band’s new album should be in stores through eOne Music. Drumming on the disc was handled by Ben Schigel, who also produced the as-yet-untitled LP.