Matthew John Hall
A man who was killed by a train hours after being questioned by police allegedly confessed to the killing of Backyard Burial’s singer — Matthew John Hall — during an interrogation with investigators.

Hours later, he was struck by a train and died instantly. According to reports, Timothy Parlane — who used to sing for death metal band Bulletbelt — also confessed his crime to a woman he was dating, saying that there were two things he wanted to do before he died: one was commit murder, the other, skydiving.

Police were warned that Parlane was suicidal and the woman he was dating pleaded with police to get him help. It is not clear whether Parlane walked in front of the train on purpose or was accidentally killed.

Parlane told the woman he went to Hall’s house with two knives and stabbed him as he laid in bed. Hall allegedly fought back, but couldn’t ward off the attack.

“I told them I was seriously concerned for his mental health,” the woman explained. “I feel that he was absolutely let down by the system.”

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