I still think it’s a stunt, but Trump is making moves towards running a real campaign.

So says Politico:

Despite an almost universal refusal by Republican establishment figures and the press to take him seriously, Donald Trump is taking very concrete steps toward forming — and announcing — a presidential campaign.

He has interviewed at least two people for a campaign manager position, sources said. He is in contact with several well-known media consultants and has spoken to figures in the evangelical community such as Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins.

Something tells me that evangelicals will not take a shine to Trump and his personal politics. Huckabee or Palin would be their candidate of choice.

Still, some in the fold feel he’s serious…

“I’m convinced he’s probably going to run,” said Steve Scheffler, the head of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, who said Trump contacted him this past Wednesday in an “introduction” phone call.

“If he comes to Iowa and he engages in conversations in small groups of people one-on-one he might play well on that,” said Scheffler. “I think a lot of it has to do with where he stands on the issues, and if he can convince people that he’s going to go forward on the issues.”

Note that he’s already talking to folks in Iowa.

And not only that, they’re excited…

Trump’s scheduled keynote speech at the Iowa GOP’s annual Lincoln Day fundraising dinner in June is already such a draw that one attendee is planning to drive in from Northeast Wisconsin to see The Donald speak, a local Republican said.

So he won’t make the mistake that Giuliani made in 2008 and bypass the early states. That’s smart if he actually does plan to run.

But again…I don’t buy it.

Regardless…Palin who?

By the way, the picture above is from a Tea Party rally. He’ll be right at home with all those birthers.

More as it develops…

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