Lars and Dave
And in other bizarro news, Glen Danzig has a pile of bricks in his front yard. It sounds weird, no? Why would Metallica’s Lars Ulrich be writing liner notes for the remastered, 25th Anniversary reissue of Megadeth’s Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?, right? Makes no sense.

That reissue will be out July 12 through EMI. There’s various configurations, including a five-disc box set, which includes a previously unreleased 1987 concert from the band’s first world tour.

But I’m hung up on the liner notes still. What gives? There’s nothing in the press release explaining Lars’ involvement, but I’m assuming he was asked to write some kind of forward for the album’s liner notes as part of this continued good will between Metallica and Dave Mustaine for the sake of the Big 4.

Anyone have a theory?

Anyways, in his liner notes for the new edition, Dave Mustaine reflects on writing the album’s title track: “I had written other lyrics by now, but there was something different about ‘Peace Sells’ because it told my story about my faith; my beliefs; my distrust of government; my work ethic; my integrity. This was MY song.”

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