I keep asking myself if Trump is actually this clueless or is this all an act?

Oh, he also says that he has learned some very interesting things about Obama’s origins and will reveal them soon. Something tells me we’re seeing another Geraldo Rivera “Al Capone’s Vault” moment. Anybody else feel the same?

Some bad news for Trump, his unfavorables are WAY up among Republicans. So while he may be leading in some polls, if half of Republicans don’t like him…does he really think he can grab the nomination?

From NY Times:

Long story short, Palin and Trump don’t have a chance…and they know it. This will be between Romney and Huckabee…and something tells me that Huckabee just might pull it off.

More as it develops…

Politics Donald Trump Wonders Why Reporters Won’t Ask Him Anything But Birther Questions?