Big 4 ready
I’m not going to be at the Big Four show in California this weekend. Sucks for me! But everyone else — seemingly — will be there for when Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax take the stage. But would Jeff Hanneman be back with the band in time?

Short answer is no.

Tom Araya said Jeff wanted to play, but Exodus’ Gary Holt will be there with Slayer — not Jeff.

Jeff is still recovering from that surgery he had forever ago. That spider bite must have really fucked his shit up, huh? I’d love to talk to that guy and see what’s doing with that arm.

I wonder what Lars Ulrich thinks of all this?

Too bad K.K. couldn’t fill in. But Gary’s a more fitting choice over Pat O’Brien, the Cannibal Corpse guitarist who has been filling in for Jeff as of late.

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