I’d have to agree with NPR’s assessment: Krallice really is one of the most thrilling bands in all of metal. This is something I’ve known for some time, and so I have been anxious to hear the band’s new record, Diotoma. Today, I got my first taste, thanks to the fact that the entire album is streaming on NPR right this instant.

Diotoma is now a frontrunner for my album of the year selection. Of course, it’s early still, but the riffs on this record are insanely intricate, and the blast-beats, punishing. You need to hear this album, and can…for free.

I mean, like most albums, there are parts I’d just as soon forget. But then, those parts that drag are just followed up by something so riveting, you’re sucked right back in. Love the vocals, love the guitars, love Colin’s hair. Love, love, love this band and this record.

Again, if you want to hear it…and you should…check it out here. And thanks to The Goat’s Facebook page for reminding me this was up.

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