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Whitechapel Detained By Authorities In Germany


The members of Knoxville, Tennessee’s Whitechapel were detained by authorities in Germany last week, it was revealed today.

The death metal outfit was detained after an incident at their hotel on April 20 that included mattresses being thrown out of windows and fire extinguishers and alarms being set off.

Hmm. I wonder if these dudes were high at the time? They may have just been really, really bored.

While details are few, we do know that the band has since been released and just fined a whole bunch.

Whitechapel returned to the road just in time to make the next date on their tour in Amsterdam, where I’m sure they definitely got high.

Whitechapel is currently touring Europe in support of their current release A New Era of Corruption; they’re touring with The Acacia Strain and Impending Doom and will be devastating the states this summer as a part of the fifth Annual Summer Slaughter tour.