Maybe you should take up boxing next
Oh well…there goes his sex life — and his ability to play drums.

Poor Bring Me The Horizon drummer Matt Nicholls. The dude has been forced to step down from the band’s remaining U.K. tour dates as a result of breaking his hand while playing soccer with members of Parkway Drive and Architects.

That’s what you get for playing a sport where you can’t use your hands. I’m kidding — I just don’t understand the appeal of soccer. I watch it and all I can think is, “Pick up the ball, dude!”

For all of the shows the band has booked, Architects‘ Dan Searle will temporarily fill in behind the kit.

Speaking on his injury, Nicholls says the game of “footy” was a stupid move…especially when he took the net to goal tend. “The ball came to me and I knocked it away with my hands and Winston from Parkway Drive clipped my hand with his foot and there you have it — one broken hand. I have to see a specialist in Sheffield to see if I need surgery or not but I’m not gonna be picking up drum sticks for about 6 weeks.”

He says it was an accident and “shit happens but I’ll tell you now, it’s the last time I wear gardening gloves in the net!”

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