Earth Crisis
Reunited vegetable-hugging hardcore legends Earth Crisis have set Neutralize The Threat as the title of their seventh full-length album. The disc drops July 12 via Century Media Records and was produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, better known as just Zeuss. In bed, women call me that too, so…I get so confused.

“We are very happy with how Neutralize The Threat came out,” the band said. “Musically, it resembles the song structures on To The Death, but with a Gomorah’s Season Ends vibe thrown in. Every song is lyrically inspired by real-life vigilante actions that have taken place around the globe.”

Such as? “The Black Panther party to Bernard Goetz,” the band says. “We think it’s an original lyrical concept for the band, while also retaining some subject matter we are known for dealing with in the past. Zeuss is the man and definitely delivered the best sounding record we have ever had! We can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”

The album features a whopping 10 songs, including “Neutralize The Threat,” “100-Kiloton Blast,” “By Conscience Compelled,” “Black Talons Tear,” and “The Eradicators.”

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