DJ Ashba an side cleave

DJ Ashba and side cleave
Metal Injection really made the most of their trip to Los Angeles for the Golden Gods Awards. They seemingly interviewed everyone and anyone who walked the black carpet (how clever!), including DJ Ashba, who is not a DJ who spins records but a dude with questionable taste in fashion who plays guitar for Axl Rose’s backing band, Guns N’ Roses.

Speaking of questionable taste in fashion, if you head to Metal Injection and watch the videos…I mean, where did Rob get that ridiculous fucking jacket? It looks like it came from a Liberace estate sale.

Said Ashba: “We just booked Rock In Rio [in Brazil] for October 2, but there’s talk…We’re gonna be going out way sooner. And hopefully we’re gonna be [doing some dates] here in the States this year. I’m hoping. That’s the plan.”

I like how that’s the plan, and yet, he’s hoping the tour happens. The plan is to tour, and because of Axl Rose’s propensity for being late to gigs or not showing up at all, DJ’s keeping his fingers crossed the tour will actually happen.

Prediction: Guns N’ Roses will not tour in 2011. You read it hear first, but probably thought it the second you read what Ashba had to say.

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