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Hear A New Black Dahlia Murder Song Right Now!


The Black Dahlia Murder
Yes, folks. Yesterday, we learned the title of the forthcoming Black Dahlia Murder LP would be Ritual and today, we get a little taste of what’s to come.

Head to the very end of this post where you will find a new track from The Black Dahlia Murder called “Moonlight Equilibrium.” In a word, it fucking slays. Remember — Ritual will be in stores June 21 through Metal Blade.

“This is the first time we have fully realized a concept for an album,” says frontman Trevor Strnad. “We wanted to choose something that would exemplify the very essence of the band… something that would be ‘more TBDM’ than anything we have released to this point. All of the lyrics to Ritual are bound by a common thread of black magick and the occult, the worship of darkness, and the preservation of inner strength and will.

“When we play a show, it’s like a ritual… a group catharsis,” Strnad adds. “We are unified with our fans through the platform of live performance. There is a real magic there. Like the album cover represents, there are two halves required; us and you. Yes, we are an evil band. Yes we sing about Satan. But really, how I see it, our evil is for your own good! The character Satan in our music represents the freedom to think for yourself… the strength to see through the facades of the norm that is presented to us at birth, and the courage to live your own way, free of the burden of guilt and shame. That’s how it’s always been for us and this record is no different.

“I think Ritual is us fully realizing our responsibility to our fans to be the best (and most horrific) The Black Dahlia Murder we can while we’re here,” he said. “In a way, you could say we have come to terms, more now so than ever, with how religious the fans are about this band… hence the album’s name.