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Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Still Have Tax Problems


Sharon and Ozzy
Damn, bitch! The IRS is literally up Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s asses, because the federal agency last week slapped the couple with yet another fucking tax lien.

According to TMZ, The Osbournes allegedly owe the government another $357,000-plus in unpaid income taxes from 2007.

What the fuck? This is crazy. Sharon needs to fire their lazy accountant…or maybe the Osbournes should — I don’t know — just pay their fucking taxes…like everybody else in this fucking country.

The new filing comes on the heels of a $1.7 million lien that was filed against the family earlier this month…bringing their grand total of debt just over $2 million bucks.

Earlier this month, Sharon accepted responsibility for the outstanding tax problems, saying on her unwatchable talk show that she was “too involved with myself” to meet with her accountant. 

She said she “cancelled two meetings with him over the last 18 months because I was way too busy.”