Machine Head in the studio
Talk about your slow news days. When Machine Head make headlines for releasing studio pictures, you know nothing’s happening.

Nothing. A bunch of bands you don’t care about did a bunch of shit no one wants to know about. But Machine Head released some pictures.

I mean…really?

Now pictures are headline news too? I mean, I understand a picture can be newsworthy. But if this were any other band doing this, people would care nary a shit. But it’s Machine Head — the band you know and love. One of the biggest metal bands going, arguably.

So, yes — now available on Machine Head’s official site is photographic proof that members of Machine Head are or have been in a recording studio in recent days.

The band, of course, is in that studio to record new cuts for their next record. The new Machine Head record should be in stores sometime before year’s end.

Entertainment Photo Series Confirms Machine Head Is Recording