Mr. Labonte
Phil Labonte is many things, but above all, he’s honest. Sometimes too honest. He’s always on the various social networks, basically being Phil and calling it how he sees it. Sometimes, the man makes perfect sense — a reason why we’ve offered Phil a column; he declined, saying he didn’t need or want any more responsibilities. And that’s cool.

What’s not cool is basically whining online about how some shitty band you’ve never heard getting “preferential treatment.” That’s what Phil did the other day; I must have missed that Twitter post, but thanks to Blabbermouth for trying to stir up the shit pot.

Someone asked Phil on Facebook whether All That Remains would be taking part in this year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival alongside heavily rumored participating shitrock band Escape The Fate, and — well — Phil went all Labonte.

“I have NO idea what the deal is with Escape The Fate but they must have WICKED powerful management,” Phil starts. “We’ve sold probably five times the records they have, been around probably 10 years longer than they have, have four more records than they do, we have three songs that have charted in the Top 20 at radio, two of which have made the Top 10, they have none — and they STILL get preferential treatment over us.”

Of course, Phil wasn’t specific about what “preferential treatment” means, but let me point out how easy it is to find out who Escape The Fate’s management is: I Googled the band name and management, and it’s Joey Simmrin at 5B Management, Phil.

“I don’t know what they sound like, I’ve never met them, but it sucks when a band [with] powerful management tries to use another band that has busted their ass for over 10 years as a footstool. Not cool.”

Phil, let’s hear the whole story. Tell us what this is all about, because there has to be more to it homeboy. Let’s hear what happened with Escape The Fate and why you’re bitching about them! Did they get a tour you were trying to land? What gives because it just sounds like “Whaaaaaa” from where I’m standing.

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