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Fuck Inches — Now You Can Measure Things In Danzigs


There is no such thing
This is pure genius.

There is a new Web site that allows you to plug in various measurements like liters and kilometers, thus allowing you to weigh yourself in Danzigs — yes, Glenn Danzigs. I tried to weigh myself in Danzigs, but apparently, the Misfits frontman weighs more than me.

I’m taller, but he’s all muscle and bitch tits.

Go convert various forms of measurement into Danzigs rights now. It will make you smile and keep you occupied for a good three minutes.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to measure anything in pounds, making me think this site’s origins lie outside the United States. So, just Google your weight in pounds and find out what it is in kilograms and see how many Danzigs you are. If you’re more than three Danzigs, may I suggest you consider salad.