The first cover of Infected
Well, this one seems a no-brainer to me. That is the OLD cover of Hammerfall’s forthcoming LP Infected, with the biohazard symbol smack dab in the middle of it. I mean, that’s ridiculous. Of course Biohazard’s team would have a problem with this.

In a new interview with Hammerfall drummer Anders Johansson, he “disagreed with everyone else” on the album art. “But I’m just the drummer. We first had a cover with [the Hammerfall mascot] Hector and I really liked it but for some reason they didn’t and then a bunch of things happened.”

No one ever listens to the drummer. Why is that? Dude seems like he’s got a head on his shoulders, and predicted the legal threats that would be forthcoming. Because, come on — Biohazard is making a new album, and people are waiting for it. That artwork would have caused some confusion. Luckily, no papers were filed.

“I remember thinking when I first saw the biohazard cover, ‘Oh, no. It looks like the band Biohazard made an album called Hammerfall!’ Then they added these hands after someone from the Biohazard band freaked out and threatened to sue Hammerfall. Luckily the music is good and maybe in the end that will be all right, I think so anyway. Maybe it was time to get rid of the same old stuff as I thought the previous albums all kind of looked the same but in the end hopefully it will be all good.”

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