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Ipsissimus Exclusive Song Stream: “The First Secret Of Fatima”


The Way of Descent
Today is a momentous day, folks.

Why? Today, you can head to the end of this post and listen to the opening track from Ipsissimus’ new album. The song is called “The First Secret of Fatima” and it’s fucking awesome.

Ipsissimus’ Metal Blade debut hits record stores on May 24. In my opinion, Ipsissimus is one of the most important bands in metal right now. We need to support bands that stand for something more than pandering to the lowest common denominator. Ipsissimus are fucking dirty, black, and filthy. The American black metal scene needs more bands like Ipsissimus, and they deserve to land some awesome tours this summer.

Of course, Connecticut’s Ipsissimus features my good buddy The Goat on guitars. The Way of Descent was recorded in the fall at Sonic Environments Studios with producer and mixer Jeff Weed.

“The title aims to encapsulate the lyrical matter of the new songs, which deal with various katagogic themes in Gnostic, Luciferian, and Merkavah traditions as applied to Left Hand ethics and praxis,” says drummer Haimatokharmes of The Way of Descent. “Expect some traditional black, melodic riffage à la the Fatima material as well as the occasional avant-garde element — I believe this will be the first black metal album to employ a waterphone.”

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