Will it happen?
Well, it is possible. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne do have a few tax liens to pay off.

According to reports, Ozzfest could return in 2011 and all signs point to it making a return in 2011 — Ozzy and Sharon’s tax issues, not even being one of those signs.

Ozzfest has changed quite a bit over the years — going from a summer festival we all looked forward to with anticipation to a one-day destination concert — and now, online postings seem to indicate that there is at least a suggestion that they fest could return.

No bands have been confirmed, no dates have been set, and there has not even been word on any kind of announcement about either. So it is largely speculation at this point. I don’t think it is happening, because at this point, it’s almost summer and no one cares about Ozzfest anymore. It might come back in two or three years, when the economy improves. But not this year.

Still, Vulgar Display Of Blog says the band page at Ozzfest.com is now blank, although it stated until recently “Ozzfest 2011 Bands Coming Soon.” Also, a post in the site’s fan forums asking fans to suggest bands has also been taken removed. So, who the fuck knows what’s happening? If it does come back for 2011, it will be a one-day deal and Ipsissimus better be on it.

Last year’s Ozzfest was a short, six-date run that featured Ozzy Osbourne, Halford, DevilDriver, and fucking Nonpoint.

Yeah, Ozzfest should just die off — the idea of it and the actual fest.

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