Elephant Sex

Elephant Sex
This, according to The PRP, who claim Lamb of God will be taking a break from the ongoing writing sessions for their new album in June, when they play the “D-Tox Rockfest.”

The festival will go down June 17 and June 18 in Montebello, Quebec. Also on the bill are Cancer Bat, Underoath, Hatebreed, and the very awesome Descendents.

Meanwhile, Randy Blythe — the band’s frontman — posted this picture online today. “Elephant Sex” is a working title for a song on the new disc and as everyone knows, working titles are basically descriptions of what songs sound like. “Elephant Sex” sounds awesome!

You can read all about what Chris Adler and Lamb of God have been up to lately in our exclusive, ongoing series of casual chats with the band’s awesome and totally rad drummer.

By the way, someone I know posted the following video on Facebook calling it “the best band fight” ever, and I had never seen it. I knew at one point Lamb of God were fighting quite a bit, back when Randy was drinking quite heavily. But I had no idea some of the fighting was caught on video. This may be old to you but it was new to me…a man who does not watch music DVDs.

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