Pad thai awaits
Apparently, it takes fucking 14 minutes to make pad thai, and contrary to popular belief, not all dudes who wear corpsepaint eat raw flesh. Nope.

At the end of this post, you can watch an informative, instructional video on how to make pad thai, and if you can get through it without jumping to your death, you are a better person than me.

The music is OK throughout the entire video but gets grating and the Vegan Black Metal Chef wastes a lot of time singing those lyrics like he’s fucking Gaahl. You could’ve spoken normally and given us the information without all the fanfare. I think it would have been funnier if you had done it straight. But what do I know.

So, yeah, if you are a vegan and you need an apparently good pad thai recipe, here you go.

Entertainment Screw Rachel Ray — Get Cooking Tips From A Vegan In Corpsepaint