Ozzy says no
That’s right folks.

There will be no Ozzfest this summer, according to the festival’s namesake, Ozzy Osbourne.

In a post to Facebook, Ozzy said “No, not this year. I just finished a lengthy arena tour of the U.S., so I’ve decided to tour Europe this summer instead.”

Fine Ozzy, that’s fine…as if they need Ozzy for Ozzfest at this point. By the time Ozzy goes on, half the crowd’s passed out from heat stroke or high blood alcohol levels.

It’s cool. Fuck Ozzfest. There is so much to do this summer, so much to see.

There is Summer Slaughter with Black Dahlia Murder, the All Stars Tour with Born of Osiris, System of a Down on their reunion run…who the hell needs Ozzfest?

Not me.

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