Sperm Brother?
I was on The Gauntlet before and Jason Fisher discovered something unusual about that Amon Amarth shirt you’re seeing right there. Jason sort of noticed that the back of the shirt seems to read “Sperm Brother.”

I mean, there’s no good reason why an Amon Amarth shirt would bear a phrase that would be better suited for the title of a reality show about bathhouses.

Apparently, the shirt was supposed to read “Sword Brother” but that’s not what it says. It says Sperm Brother, if anything.

Fisher points out that the runes are also fucked. What’s a rune? Runes are a Germanic alphabet that was used in many European alphabets. On the shirt, they used the Common Germanic Runic Scripts. There is one problem though, the rune character for “E” that looks like a “W” in brother was printed upside down. I am also curious as to why they used the Common Germanic Runes instead of the Nordic Runes that were used in Sweden.

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